the end


the end of school, the end of life as I know it

It’s kind of odd to start a new blog off with ‘the end.’ But for me, this is the end. The ending of an era in my life; one I am not sorry to see go. I just graduated, and, barring a massive life redirect where I decide to get a Master’s, this is the end of my schooling. Finally. I mean, who doesn’t start school as a wee tot barely able to differentiate all fingers, trying to understand kindergarten dynamics, without seeing the bright light of college at the end? No? Just me then.

I had a crazy mix of emotions after I graduated. For one thing, I had been stressed out about an interview I’d had the previous Monday that would determine my future. (More on that later.) Maybe all those who’ve graduated before me have also had a giant ball of tension sprout between their shoulders for no discernible reason. Stress from the last two years coming out? Must be.

On a better note, that interview that I was stressing out about went well. Well enough for me to pass. Pass into what? Into a life teaching in Korea. See, I made this blog about teaching in Korea before I got the job. A little over-confident of me. I say well-prepared. I went through the recruiting agency Korvia, and the interview was with EPIK (English Program in Korea). Since my interview went a little differently than what I had read online, I’ll post separately about what went on, as well as my overall experience with the recruiter. Ya know, all that good stuff people who want to go to Korea eat up.

With any new beginning, especially one that comes from an ending, it’s nice to take a moment to re-evaluate things and start afresh. I’ve been reading about habits lately, and one thing I’ve learned is that beginnings are important. Good habits are easier to implement with big life changes. Of course, I always try this, and it never sticks, but maybe this time around it will. It’s summer, I need a job, I need to start preparing to move overseas (for several years, maybe permanently), I want to do this blog, other creative projects…I have a whole host of things I’ve been putting off whilst in school, and now that I’m out, I feel like I’m looking at thirteen different chocolate bars and I have no idea which one I want to eat first.

I was even going to delay this first post on my new blog until I’d finished the layout more. But knowing me, that would mean I wouldn’t post anything for a month. So here, internet void. Have this. Let me send this out, once again, and hope it lands somewhere.



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