my room echoes


I’m sitting in my room and every noise I make echoes. The books are in piles on the floor, the posters are gone, and the room feels smaller without them.

I’m looking around my room and I see it as it was when I first moved in. It would be right to be sentimental, but I’m not. I took a video today for myself in the future if I ever wonder what my old apartment was like, but I’m not getting nostalgic over anything.

I’m sitting in my room on the computer, wondering how to convey the weird sense I’m feeling. I have less than a month until I move to Korea. I still don’t feel like I’m moving. It still seems like this empty waiting period will stretch on forever, with the tiny bits and pieces of things I have to do falling in between the cracks of the endless days.

I should be scared, nervous, anticipatory…something. Scared would help me study Korean more. Nervous would help me prepare my lessons now. Anticipatory would make me meet all my friends and take more time with family before I leave.

Maybe a week before I leave I’ll feel it. I’m still waiting on my visa and ticket. Maybe once I have those I’ll feel it. Maybe once I’m on the plane, maybe once I’m in Korea…well, maybe I’ll feel it.

In other news, I’m practicing wearing heels. I need to up my game for the land of perfect street style.


2 thoughts on “my room echoes

  1. I’ve just been where you are now. Waiting. Being productive, getting stuff done, but feeling like, “I’m wait-ing!” We are a week out. Actually, we would have landed and checked into our hotel room. We’re starting to feel it. Enjoy the time. xxoo


    1. I think part of it is that there is no real big concerted effort to move yet for me. My brother will stay here an extra month until our lease expires, so I’ve been moving things to my parents piece by piece, which makes it less like moving than the big, put everything in boxes and break your back events.


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