School daze

I arrive every morning around 7:15. I’m usually the first person to arrive, and I unlock the doors and bounce up the stairs, listening to music, before prepping whatever I need for the day. Lately that means just printing or making copies. I don’t know if my preparation will increase, but thus far I’ve been able to keep on top of things. School doesn’t start until half past eight. Most students arrive at eight, their loud, insistent feet pounding up the stairs. Cries of, “Hello, Teacher!” assail my ears. A few small bodies collide into me, seeking hugs as usual. 

I feel a little bad for the kids; I’m still teaching from the textbook so there’s not much fun and games to be had. Although, that may be my conditioning as a camp ESL teacher showing through. Perhaps most normal schools are like this. We did do some decorating of the classroom, however, which the students really enjoyed. 

Funny thing, I didn’t realize how bad kids are at decorating. We made a word wall for vocab, and none of them got an edge straight when they attached the papers to the board. I had to fix it for them. But we have a student profile wall with pictures and drawings. I like having a personal touch. 

Teaching third grade is fairly easy, subject wise. I don’t need to brush up on my math much, except on terms, and the science is basic life science. I can grade without looking at the key. The hardest things are the small teaching things no one thinks to tell you. Like remembering to write down test grades somewhere before giving them back to students…

But it’s an easy learning curve and today felt nice and brief. Right now I’m sitting at a coffee shop with wifi, drinking hot cocoa since my throat is a bit sore, chowing on a cream puff. Am I in a foreign country? Who can tell?

Another day’s treat. This is becoming a bad habit.

The walk to my school is lined with gardens. Tiny blue flowers, a persimmon tree; I’m surrounded by creation. 



2 thoughts on “School daze

  1. When I taught first grade, I would go to the YMCA, but I also started smoking again. I needed that after a long school day vice. Eventually, I stopped going to the gym – bad, bad idea. Your treat made me think of that. Get into good habits now Otter. It will help you when things get super stressful and you need the energy. Love, your mother.


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