PaldangDamFall weather by Paldang Dam; cold, crisp, bright.

Welcome to my life! If you’re here, you’ve either a) mistaken me for someone who travels a bunch, is an adventurer, and is really cool, b) are looking into getting a job in Korea yourself and are currently searching for anything remotely Korea related, or c) are a member of my family and take pity on me.

Jaunty self-deprecation aside, this really isn’t a travel blog. I’m not an adventurer; I’m an introverted homebody who happens to love Korean and spicy food and has a deep and abiding passion for creative living. I’m sure I’ll do some traveling. My delicate sensibilities of what should be would never let me pass by a golden opportunity like living abroad. But mainly, this is about me making a home here in Korea. I dream of indoor gardens, a mature and recognizable decorating style (ha), always plenty of food and toilet paper around (double ha), and tea parties with friends. Let’s see how many checks I can mark off on my ‘Being an Adult’ list.

Hopefully this blog will be five parts humor to one part desperation. But my disturbing lack of cooking skills isn’t giving me much hope…

The dry facts or, the part where I pretend to interview myself in a British accent;

I’m twenty four. Twenty five in Korean years. Thanks, Korea, for making me feel really old.

I’m a third grade homeroom teacher in a Christian bilingual school in Gyeonggi-do, so I teach language arts, science, and math; a little different than the majority of foreign teachers here.

I have a degree in linguistics from the University of North Texas. Linguistics, surprise, is the study of languages. I do not correct your grammar. I do not despair over the destruction of the English language. I revel in the quirks and oddities of idiolects and get all riled up over people who say there is a ‘standard’ English.

I’ve wanted to teach overseas ever since I taught in Taiwan three years ago. I taught in a Character and English institute and really fell in love with teaching and working in Asia. My students were amazing, and I’ve wanted to teach ever since.

I chose Korea because I love Korean. I’ve always loved the Korean language, and when I got exposed to Korean food and culture, I was entranced. Korean food is actually my favorite, and I love the culture. I’ve loved all Asian culture since I was a kid watching Sailor Moon with horrible, horrible dubs. I blame my mom. She made us watch Godzilla growing up…

My dream is to teach for several years to gain experience, and then either keep teaching, work for myself, or pursue some other kind of creative life. Or, maybe I’ll chuck it all and go live among the moose in Canada. Concrete plans are so boring, after all.

That’s me, folks. If you’re curious about how I got to Korea, or have any other questions, feel free to contact me. I love answering questions (I am a teacher).


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