Step into my world…

…of life in Korea. In August, I moved to Gyeonggi-do to teach third grade. It’s my dream of two years come true, and I couldn’t be more excited. Join me on my adventures making a home abroad, trying to become a fully functioning adult, and pursuing a creative life!

Under ‘Lifestyle,’ you’ll find general posts about life as an expat in Korea.

‘Teaching’ is all about my experiences teaching third grade in Korea. I’ll post thoughts, reviews of materials, tips and tricks, and maybe some science-y stuff about linguistics (put that degree to use!).

‘Everything Else’ is….everything else.


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Wow, you’re quite a writer!

    Thank you for all your awesome writings; I enjoyed reading them all. FYI, my major’s linguistics as well, and I wanna teach too ;^) Who knows? Maybe someday as long as I dream.

    Hope you have fun in Korea. Thanks for teaching the kids 🙂



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